Welcome to Worlds XIII – Kalkar, Germany – December 26th till 31st, 2018


The competitor List and the Schedule are available!

Competitor List



Join us and all the stars for Worlds XIII in Kalkar, Germany.

Once again we will do our best to make these World Championships a very spectacular and prestigious event.



The 26th of December will be time for celebration, meeting old friends and wishing everybody a Merry Christmas. So please plan your arrival for the 26th of December.

Worlds will end on 30th December late in the evening, so you can plan your flight home on the 31st December




On Saturday 29th December we will celebrate our annual Gala Diner.

For those who are staying in the hotel, it will be included.
For those who are staying somewhere else, the cost is only € 30 per person, so book your ticket now!